Totally Rad Christmas

What’s up, dudes? I’ve got a whole band of podcasters  with me here to talk about the seminal 1987 album “A Very Special Christmas”! Duane from Tinsel Tunes, Ken from Sounds of Christmas, Todd from Christmas Clatter, Scott from Holly Jolly X’masu, Scott from Jingle Jank, and Vinnie from Huey and Bax join me to delve into this seminal album! We cover it all! Favorite songs? Check. Artists we wish had sung different songs? Got it! Musicians we would’ve liked to have heard on here? Definitely. Oh, and of course we get to Schwarzenegger and Ford Escorts! So grab your synthesizer, put on a ton of hairspray, and jam out to this episode to the max!

Tinsel Tunes
Sounds of Christmas
Christmas Clatter
Holly Jolly X’masu
Jingle Jank
Huey and Bax

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Author: Gerry D / Duane Bailey, Scott Leopold, Ken Kessler, Scott Newman, Todd Killian, Vinnie Brezinsky
Title: A Very Special Christmas (w/ Various Artists)

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