Totally Rad Christmas

What’s up, dudes? I’ve got Ken Kessler from Sounds of Christmas and Scott Leopold from Holly Jolly X’masu here to talk all things MTV! From the VJs to Weird Al, we get into it all, especially the inhouse Christmas videos! There are Christmas parties with Billy Squier, Joe King Carrasco, George Thorogood, Bryan Adams, Jon Anderson, and The Monkees! Does Pee Wee Herman appear? You bet! Are there bad special effects? Of course! Do they all have a merry time? To the max! So grab your saxophone, pull out your Santa suit and crown, and jam out to this episode!

Sounds of Christmas
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Holly Jolly X’masu
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Author: Gerry D / Ken Kessler, Scott Leopold
Title: MTV (w/ Scott and Ken)

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