Totally Rad Christmas

What’s up, dudes? I’ve got Fran Campos, writer, director, and star of the non-profit MisfitSized and MisfitSized: Track 2 here to talk Jem! Yes, it’s all things holographic A.I., love triangles and rock and roll! There’s new wave, punk, electronica, and even a bit of funk thrown in! We get into Jem’s MTV musical stylings, beginnings as a Hasbro competitor for Barbie, rad fashion sense, and even our favorite songs, “Truly Outrageous” and “Gimme a Gimmick“! Fran also gives us an insight into his Jem films and how he updated the fashion and storylines! I even stroll down 34th Street in New York for a couple of quick interviews with Charlyn Lewis of Fashion Speaks and Take a Chic Peek and Raddest Music Episode nominee Carie Brown! So grab your special star earrings and keytar, put on your makeup, and jam out to this episode!

Fran Campos

Fashion Speaks Podcast

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Author: Gerry D / Fran Campos, Charlyn Lewis, Carie Brown
Title: Jem (w/ Fran Campos)

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