Totally Rad Christmas

What’s up, dudes? While I’m preparing for the Raddies–there are a lot of limos to rent, flights to book, seating to arrange, etc.–I decided to release a couple of minisodes! First comes some mail from S.D. Kluger’s mailbag for Rad Santa. After that, you voted, and your votes were heard! With the help of a few of my Christmas podcast friends and colleagues, I compiled THE DEFINITIVE ’80s recast of the the beloved holiday classic “Elf”, starring Will Farrell. If you don’t agree with this list, well you’re wrong. Just kidding. There were a ton of great ideas, and it was super hard to choose! So sit back and dig into this short episode! Special thanks to CJ Belanger, Vinnie Brezinsky, Todd Killian, Chris Sisley, Manny Torres, Craig Kringle, Art Kilmer, Mike Westfall, and Anthony Caruso!

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Author: Gerry D

Minisode 3: Recasting “Elf” with ’80s Actors

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