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Here we are, together again.   It’s great to see you.

First up we have The Worst Christmas Present Ever sent in by the self-appointed podcast barman Bob Baker.  Sometimes gifts can really hurt your feelings.

Travis Gronsdahl has sent us in his favourite yule log, and it’s naff.  But they’re all naff so what do you expect.  This one is the official DC Comics one from 2021 and if you’ve got 10 hours to spare you can watch it here:

Then we discuss The Feast of the Ass, an idea sent in by our anonymous technology correspondent.  It’s an ancient custom from France which has  long been forgotten, but celebrates the part donkeys play in the Christmas story.

This episode’s version of A Christmas Carol is called Ebenezer, a western version of the story starring Jack Palance.  It makes a lot of changes from the original, but it’s worth a look.
You can watch the whole thing on Youtube:

Then Bob Baker shares his Do You Hear What I Hear and he explains the difference between the UK version of Christmas Jumpers and the US version.

This episode’s recommendation is the discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett.  They’re great and there are 41 books in the series so that should keep you busy.
Here’s a link:

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Merry Christmas

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Title: Episode 58 – Feast of the Ass
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