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Merry Christmas in July you beautiful people.

This episode starts with our weekly quiz.  Do you know what colour mistletoe berries are?  If you do, you’ll get at least one question right.  If you don’t….   what?  of course you know what colour they are.

Then we have a Story of Shame sent in by the mom of our podcast mascot Elmer, Jennifer Kay.

This week the Do You Hear What I Hear from our podcast barman, Bob Baker, is all about Nappies.

Then I talk about Christmas in July, the history of where it (possibly) originated and how it evolved.

Then I look at 8 different songs that all share the same title:  Christmas in July.
Here they are if you want to listen to the whole song:

Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick

Alex the Astronaut

Lizzie Waters


The Therapy Sisters

The Ego Trippers

Sufjan Stevens

Nik Whitcomb

This episode’s version of A Christmas Carol is The Jetsons Christmas Carol and if you want to listen to it, you’ll have to check out the latest episode of The Advent Calendar House Podcast with Mike Westfall.
Here’s a link:

This episode’s recommendation is a very funny podcast called Wheel of Misfortune hosted by Alison Spittle and Fern Brady.   If you don’t mind a bit of bad language, you’re sure to find it very funny.

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 60 – Christmas in July
Total Christmas

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