Sounds of Christmas

Ken Kessler talks to Kevin McGrath about the pair of collections he’s put together to benefit the homeless charity Crisis UK. “Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas” is in two volumes, and each one contains fifty-four original songs! Kevin talks about what it took to get all these songs from so many artists and the guidelines he used. He also invites you click the Bandcamp links below and listen to some (or all) of the songs yourself. And while he’d like to take a break, he hints that a third volume is not out of the question (and he invites indie artists to reach out to him for details)!

Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume I:

Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume II:

Crisis UK:

Kevin on Tumblr:

Kevin on Twitter:

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Author: Ken Kessler
Title: Kevin McGrath Wishes You A Merry Indie Christmas!
Sounds of Christmas

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