Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Friends of Christmas Podcasts
12. The King of Queens: Noel Cowards

Christmas week is finally upon us and we are veering off our regular path to cover an episode of The King of Queens! The episode is from the first season of the show and is titled ‘Noel Cowards.’ Matt isn’t afraid to let his bias for The King of Queens show, but is that enough to earn a ‘You Got it Dude’?

This week we reveal the best rant the show ever had, discuss how the Heffernans are no strangers to the car dealership and, of course, determine whether or not the episode can be deemed a holiday classic.

Remember to stick around through the end of the episode to hear special promos from Advent Calendar House and Yuletide TV! If you leave us a review on Apple podcasts or iTunes be sure to let us know so we can send you a FREE TGI Podcast sticker!

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Author: TGI Podcast
Title: 12. The King of Queens: Noel Cowards
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