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We’re back baby and it’s a brand new year with the same old crap!

First up we have a lovely story from Tracy Dawson who shares the story of the year her daughter wanted Santa to bring a flying carpet.

Then Bob Baker teaches us all about the English rude word bollocks.

Next up it’s the quiz and joining us with all the answers is Brian Earl.  Brian is the host of Christmas Past Podcast and also the author of the Christmas Past book.
Here’s a link:

Then Bob Baker is back with his second segment.  This is a brand new segment called Christmas Everyday and in it Bob shares ideas on how to keep a glimmer of Christmas in your life all year long.  If you have any suggestions email them in.

Then we look at A Christmas Carol from 1999 starring Patrick Stewart. It’s pretty good and if you want to watch it here’s a link:

Then we have the triumphant return of the yule log and this one features The Fraggles.
It’s okay I suppose.
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This episode’s recommendation is Rock, Paper, Swords a podcast that talks about historical fiction.  Their Christmas episodes takes a look at the history of Christmas and it’s excellent.
Check it out here:

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Merry Christmas

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Episode 74 – Patrick Stewart’s Christmas Carol

Total Christmas

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