This is our first episode of Festive Foreign Film Fans.  Just the name is a mouthful — imagine what the show is like.  Bob and Mark travel to France to review the French film Les nouvelles aventures d’Aladin.  Neither one speaks the language or has even travelled to the country (first mistake), so they offer great introspection.  They also play a French Christmas song, sung by a non-French singer (second mistake) and discuss customs they know nothing about.  You may not think this is a great investment of your time, but sometimes you need légumes when you can’t have fromage.  So, step out of your traditions and communities, and join us as we celebrate with a little Midwestern émerveiller and éblouissant!

Our Movie

4F Test:  Festive = (It is a Christmas movie);  Feel = (It gives you the feels);  Future =  (We will watch again with sons);  Fan =  (We heartily recommend it to others)

Where to watch it:  Tubi TV

Podcasts Mentioned:  

Total Christmas

Happy Halloween:

Mark’s Favorite Team:  Minnesota Vikings

How to Pronounce Joyeux Noël?

Père Fouettard (Father Whipper):

Saint Nicholas and the Evil Butcher:

Strasbourg France:

Confectioner’s Truce (Trêve Des Confiseurs):

“Put a little love in your heart”

French Christmas song:  “Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant” – Annie Lennox

Christmas in New Zealand:,and%20seafood%2C%20and%20pavlova%20dessert.


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Author: Robert
Title: The New Adventures of Aladdin (France)

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