It’s the second episode of Festive Foreign Film Fans.  We have shortened the name to “4F” which is an acronym that we only divulge to our closest friends.  Shhh!  This show we travel to one of the few Asian countries that celebrates Christmas as a national holiday — South Korea!  Bob and Mark first discuss the Christmas disaster thriller film The Tower, than embarrass their listeners by trying to understand and explain newfound Korean traditions they’ve only just researched online.  They do also enjoy a vigorous music interlude of K-pop holiday merriment with the Twice song “Merry & Happy”.  We strive to give you a few interesting facts, but also to bridge that physical and cultural distance that separates us from our shared global Christmas experience.  And we are just the mediocre guys to do it!

Our Movie

4F Test:  Festive = (Bob says yes, but Mark disagrees);  Feel = (It’s an emotional rollercoaster);  Future =  (Not so much);  Fan =  (Not for Christmas, but as a thriller)

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Amazon Instant Video

Mark’s College:  Slippery Rock University

And his football team:  Rockets Football:

Bruce Willis (from Die Hard and Armageddon)

 Game of Thrones:

September 11, 2001

Korean Christmas Cake

How to pronounce Merry Christmas in Korean?


 Korean Christmas song:

 “Merry & Happy” – Twice


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Author: Robert
Title: The Tower (South Korea)

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