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It’s Christmas and you’re beautiful!

We start the show with a pretty basic but thorough version of A Christmas Carol from Little Fox.  It’s aimed at helping teach English as a second language and it actually covers most of the story despite being less than 20 minutes long.

Then Bob Baker our Podcast Barman discusses a rather rude English word that’s not quite so rude overseas.

After that we have the quiz.  Try to beat my score.

Then we look at the Christmas Not So Classic of Santa Baked Potato.  A charity single (and book) from Matt Lucas.  It failed to make an impact at Christmas in 2020, but it’s harmless.
Check it out here:

Then Bob Baker is back with a suggestion from Ty Virgin about how to use alcohol to feel festive throughout the year.

This episode’s recommedation is actually from Bob Baker.  It’s his new podcast: The Festive Foreign Film Fans.  Each episode they discuss a foreign Christmas film, so there will be plenty of new films you’ve never heard of before.
Check it out here:

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 83 – Santa Baked Potato
Total Christmas

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