This time the boys are off to the unofficial home of Santa Claus — Finland — and boy, what a Santa!  He’s not exactly your jolly old fat man.  Take that Coca-Cola!  Bob and Mark venture into that unique festive niche, the holiday horror film, and discuss the film Rare Exports.   They also discover one of the hidden secrets of Finland (at least for them) — Finnish heavy metal music!  Plus, the awesome holiday tune “Tulkoon Joulu”.  They really enjoy all the goat imagery and customs, and they can’t wait to go begging for alcohol from their neighbors.  We will be starting a GoFundMe page for their bail.  Sit back and enjoy a Christmas experience above the Arctic Circle.

Our Movie:

4F Test:  Festive = (Bob says no; Mark disagrees);  Feel = (despite the split, it still has the feels);  Future =  (Will watch again);  Fan =  (Yes for festive action and adventure)

Where to watch it:

fuboTV –


Tubi TV

Pluto TV

Mark’s injury from Pickleball:

The Finnish Secret to Happiness,earth%20for%20six%20consecutive%20years.

Rovaniemi, Finland: “Santa’s Official North Pole residence”,see%20Santa%20and%20his%20elves.

Disney’s Dead Parent Problem

How to pronounce Merry Christmas in Finnish?

St. Knut’s Day

Yule Goat

Christmas Peace

Finnish Christmas song:
“Tulkoon Joulu”  – Raskasta Joulua

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 3: Rare Exports (Finland)


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