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Merry Christmas.

We start the show with Bob Baker and Christmas Everyday and a wonderful idea for how you can have Christmas sweet dreams.

Then it’s the quiz, I got 7, what will you get.

This episode’s version of A Christmas Carol is an offering from British TV and radio star Kenny Everett.  It’s from 1985 and is certainly of its time.
It’s certainly worth a look, if you fancy a laugh:

Then it’s Do You Hear What I Hear and Bob Baker is looking at what us Brits mean when we say ‘wee’.
Have a listen to Bob’s podcast, Festive Foreign Film Fans:

Last episode we chatted to Matt Spaulding and he talked about being Santa, this week he talks to us about how he found out the truth about Santa.
Matt is the host of North Pole Radio Podcast, check it out here:

This episode’s recommendation is I’m Not Complaining with Robin & Juno.  The girls are about to hit their 100th episode, so have a listen and why not send in a short message congratulating them on this milestone.
Here’s their podcast:

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Merry Christmas

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Episode 86 – Kenny Everett’s Christmas Carol

Total Christmas

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