What nationality is Santa Claus?  North Polish!  Ha, we are starting this episode’s summary with a (Gran)Dad joke to celebrate the birth of our new podmast-cot (and Mark’s granddaughter) Lana “Festivus Fania” Chandler.  In fact,  Mark your Chanlenders because his family is all over this show.   They are the Pole-y Spirit as we traveling  to Poland — the ancestral homeland of Mark’s wife Sue.  We watch a great film called Listy do M (I know it, sounds like a porno movie, but it means ‘Letters to Santa”).  We also jam out to the Polish Mariah Careys and their song  “Kto Wie”,  plus we talk Wigilia and food, lots of rich, hearty food to fill out our Santa physiques.  Join us for our Eastern European journey to find the first star, so we can begin eating already!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 5: Listy Do M (Poland)

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