Bob and Mark ur hoachin as they tromp through the Scottish moors in kilts and tap shoes tae be tellin eh day’s good craic eh a fever dream – the Christmas Zombie Pandemic High School Musical — “Anna and the Apocalypse”.  There’s nothing better than flesh-eating festivities eh go wae ye haggis.  It’s pure bagging!  Yin join us mate eh speak Gaelic, talk holiday scran, hold hands with Thor and Odin, and burn a little o’ the Rowan branch. And we ain’t blootered!  We also recall auld lang syne as a wee bairn wae the Orchids song “I Wish I Was”.  It leaves is pure greeting. Ye won’t be ‘scunnered!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 7: Anna and the Apocalypse (Scotland)

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