Christmas Clatter

Prepare to embark on a tropical holiday adventure with a touch of Christmas magic! In this special episode of Christmas Clatter, Todd is joined by Ken Smith, host of North Pole News Dispatch, for a musical voyage to the “Christmas Island.”

We’re diving into the sandy shores of Jimmy Buffett’s 1996 album, “Christmas Island.” Get ready for a laid-back discussion as we explore the album’s unique fusion of beachy vibes and holiday cheer.

Unwrap the hidden treasures within each track, from the island-inspired renditions of classic carols to Buffett’s original holiday tunes that transport you to a sun-soaked winter wonderland. Discover the magic that happens when the North Pole meets the tropical paradise!

Ken and Todd share their personal thoughts on if this album is a timeless addition to any Christmas playlist. Tune in for a lively conversation, laughter, and of course, some holiday insights that only the North Pole and the sandy shores of “Christmas Island” can provide.

Don’t miss this unique musical journey that blends the best of two worlds – the magic of Christmas and the carefree spirit of the beach.

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