You need to Czech out our latest episode.  It’s heavenly!  We review the 2005 Czech film Andĕl Pánĕ and it is a hellish good time.  This festive fairy tale features Patronel, a bumbling angel; his boss God; and, a handy squad of versatile Saints, all on call.  Also, we meet Patronel’s satanic guide Urias, who observes the escalating chaos with a knowing wink and a devilsh grin.  If that is not enough entertainment, we explore other celestial celebrities such as Jezisek, Baby Jesus who flies through the window on Christmas Eve to bring gifts to the Czech children.  Also, Mikulus, the patron saint who visits Czech homes to judge the children’s behavior, accompanied by two familiar friends – an angel and a devil.  Finally, all of this is capped off by Czech singer Ewa Farna and her 2017 holiday hit “Vánoce na míru” meaning  “Christmas in Peace”.  Even after five years, it hit the top of the charts again in 2022.  So don’t miss out on all the fun – it’s like a giant birthday party for Jesus in heaven!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 8: Andĕl Pánĕ (Czech Republic)

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