Happy National Christmas Podcast Day!  The theme of today’s special event is for the many different Christmas podcasts to cover a version of Charles Dickens Christmas Carol.  Since we are the Festive Foreign Film Fans, we needed a foreign adaptation and we discovered the 1953 Italian film Non è mai troppo tardi, which means “It’s Never Too Late”.   Now, we have to apologize to our listeners because the subtitles for this film were AI generated, so they are not exactly perfect.  It was lucky that we know the story so well, or we might’ve been in trouble.  We had a scene where our main Scrooge character — Antonio Trabbi — just shouted “Orange”, which did not seem particularly relevant in the context of the film.  Or, when he has reformed and yells to the boy in the street, he calls out “What vegetable is today?”  Again, compared to what I recall, this does  seem to track the book.  SInce we are only discussing the movie, and not customs or music, this is a much shorter episode. Take the extra time to find and listen to other Christmas podcasts.  They cover different topics and are all great, and I promise they will lift your spirits.  Just seach for Christmas on APple or Spotify and see what comes up.   We did this a few years ago and look at us now — watching Italian movies about fruits and vegetables!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: A Very Special Episode (Non è mai troppo tardi)

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