It’s November and we are talking Turkey.  No, not those dim-witted, low-flying, tree-roosting birds that many of us plan to eat later this month.  We are talking the country of Turkey, which is the ancestral home and inspiration for Santa Claus – St. Nicholas.  Although this is a country that lies part in Asia and part in Europe, and is 99% Muslim, they do have a statue to Saint Nick himself, and his remains are in a sarcophagus there. Plus, they have a Christmas film and it’s a good one.  Neseli Hayat, which means “Jolly Life”, and this is what you will be feeling after watching this film with its overwhelming Santa spirit. Ho-ho-ho. Now you know why St. Nick was born there   Also, enjoy the fabulous food of this region and their interesting holiday drinks.  Also, we learn about Radio Sharma and hear a song off the first Christmas album in Turkey ever.  So put on your red underwear, and if you like the podcast, do some pyramid marketing – you tell some of your friends, they can tell their friends, and so on, until we have a Festive Fans sales network and we all get a villa.

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 11: Neseli Hayat (Turkey)

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