In today’s episode we explore how true Americans celebrate Christmas – the Native Americans.  Yes, we make a visit to the American Indian nation, as a Thanksgiving Day salute to the indigenous people who saved the Pilgrim butts and got a big thank you dinner and European delicacies like smallpox and kidnapping. When we first learned to say Merry Christmas in the language of the Mi’Kmaw tribe during our Quebec episode, we wondered aloud if there was a Christmas movie featuring native people and we found a delightful one.  We thought it appropriate for this weekend to kick off the holiday season with a lighthearted romp at a Utah ski resort, that includes all of your favorite rom-com tropes:  convenient coincidences, obvious misunderstandings, and a beautiful snow-filled festive setting.  Sit back, turn off Yellowstone, and enjoy a cheery movie filled native people and without the stereotypical portrayal of casinos and substance abuse.   Merry Christmas!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 12: Christmas in the Clouds (the American Indian Nation)

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