The Festive Fans embark on their plan to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men this episode as they journey to Mother Russia.  It’s a sincere effort to try to find some Christmas spirit in the former Soviet nation.  We watch a movie filled with class warfare, occultism, and pick pockets.  It is set before the Bolshevik Revolution, so you will see elements of the holiday depicted in the stunning surroundings.  St. Petersburg is gorgeous in 1900 and we get a glimpse at how the aristocrats and the servants celebrate and, trust us, you’ll want to be at the goth carnival with the peasantry.  Plus, we listen to an updated Christmas song based on a poem from 1905, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.  So don’t say Nyet, strap on your skates and join us as we go dashing through the snow.

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 13: Serebryanye Konki (Russia)

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