Total Christmas

Hello you beautiful people.

It’s a brand new year and the show is back.
First up it’s the quiz and it’s not easy, I scored a pitiful 5 and a half, see how much better you can do.

Then Bob Baker brings us Do You Hear What I Hear and he discusses the great English tradition of “whinging”.

This episode’s version of A Christmas Carol was suggested by listener Rob Davison.  It’s an episode of Chucklevision called A Christmas Chuckle.  It’s a very loose take on the story, but it has its moments.
You can watch it here:

Next up listener Alfred Perales shares how he broke the news to his son that ther is no Santa Claus.

Then Bob Baker starts his brand new segment Spread A Smile Of Joy.  This is a wonderful idea and it’s all about spreading goodwill to those around you.

If you want to get in touch we’d love to hear from you.


Merry Christmas.

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 100 – New Year, New Segment
Total Christmas

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