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I’m here, you’re here, let’s get started…

We begin with the joke, which is a first, usually it’s in the middle of the show, so don’t let it disorientate you, and we follow it up with The Quiz.

Then Bob is here with Do You Hear What I Hear and he’s looking at why us Brits say Lift instead of Elevator (aside from the fact it saves us 3 syllables).

Next up is the return of What The Dickens, and I talk about why Scrooge is called Scrooge and Marley is called Marley, and also is it possible for the streets of London to be both frosty and foggy.

Then it’s a look at A New York Christmas to Remember.  This was a televised Christmas carol church service in which Regis Philbin read out the nativity story accompanied by a load of puppets created by Jim Henson’s workshop.  They’re not muppets, but it’s quite spellbinding.
You can watch it here:

After that, Bob is back with Spread A Smile of Joy, and this time he’s recommending you have a listen to The Story Corps Podcast season 8 which shares a load of stories about people doing nice deeds.
Here’s a link:

Also check out Bob’s podcast, Festive Foreign Film Fans:

Then it’s Christmas All Over The World and we look at the why it’s a tradition to take a walk among the tombstones on Christmas Eve in Finland.

This episode’s recommendation is Petty Crimes podcast, and it’s lots of fun.
Why not have a listen:

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Merry Christmas!

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 102 – A New York Christmas To Remember
Total Christmas

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