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Hello you beautiful people!

It’s a packed show and to begin our resident barman Bob Baker combined St Patrick’s Day and Christmas to discuss the British word ‘bloke’ in Do You Hear What I Hear.

Then it’s The Quiz,  I do pretty well this time, so see if you can beat me.

After the joke I discuss the version of A Christmas Carol that I saw at the theatre this year.  It was a youth production and they’d added a modern twist.

The it’s Spread A Smile Of Joy and Bob Baker talks about how you can make doing good deeds a family event.
Check out Bob’s pod, Festive Foreign Film Fans, here:

Then as part of Christmas All Over The World I speak to Adam Parker the host of Merry Britsmas Podcast.  We had a very long chat and this is part one where we talk about Christmas Eve, opening presents and Christmas food.

This episode’s recommendation is of course Merry Britsmas.
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Merry Christmas!

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 104 – A Very British Christmas
Total Christmas

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