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One Year!  Wow, it seems like just last June we were in the street markets of Ancient Baghdad on a flying carpet with Aladin.  Or, trying to escape from the top of a burning tower in South Korea.  These films offered us a cinematic glimpse into the diverse traditions, customs, and ways of life for people in different places around the globe, and all in the name of international Christmas entertainment.  As the Festive Fans, we have learned so much about the holiday celebrations of the places we visit and elements of their history and culture as well.  It has been enlightening in a way we didn’t expect.  When we watch films from foreign countries we are exposed to a unique artistic experience. These films tell stories with different perspectives and new ways of thinking.

As a simple little Christmas podcast, we have enjoyed scary goats, naked elves, and zombie high schoolers; we’ve explored issues of white nationalism, antisemitism, and sexual abuse; we’ve watched dramas, comedies, animation, and whatever the heck that Echo was; and we’ve touched almost every continent – Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Each different location we visit demonstrates how the world is so much bigger than we often recognize.  This podcast has been an amazing ride for us, especially with its soundtrack of foreign Christmas music.   Our next two episodes are going to highlight the best of the last 24 shows.  We have selected our own personal favorite quotes, food and drink, customs, songs and films.  It is our time to review and revisit the best of what we’ve discovered.  Watching foreign films allows us to visit and celebrate Christmas in exotic cities that we may never be able to see in person.  It sometimes takes a movie from halfway across the world to remind us how our experiences and rituals are more universal than we think –regardless of linguistic, cultural or geological differences.

If this is your first time joining us, we hope it’s a good experience and maybe you want to go back and start at the beginning.  If you’ve been with us before, let’s appreciate this change of pace and treat this like one of those flashback sitcom episodes.  Pop some champagne and kick back, it’s the Best of the Festive Foreign Film Fans – Season One!  On with the show!

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Author: Bob & Mark

Episode 25 – It’s Our Anniversary! (Part 1)


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