Weird Christmas

It’s out later than I would have preferred, but like the inevitability of New Year’s following Christmas, it is here.

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  • Overall Winner: “The Fight” by Elizabeth Guilt
  • “Weird Cards” Category Winner: “If the Suit Fits” by Michelle Christophorou
  • “There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard” Category Winner: “A Churchyard Carol” by Dan Fields
  • “Stocking Stuffer” Category Winner: “The Power of Presents and Spidersilk” by Daniel Ausema

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):

  • “The Second Coming” — Michelle Christophorou
  • “Married to Christmas” — Dustin Pari
  • “The Christmas Room” — J.D. Wilson
  • “Saving Cinterland” — JJ Mokrezewski
  • “The Messenger” — Jens Hieber
  • “A Christmas Burial” — Gary Ballard
  • “Spirits of Christmas” — D.P. Blanchard
  • “A lock of hair, a baby tooth, a toenail” — Eleanor Luke
  • “Red Nose” — Thomas Lawrance
  • “The Last Holiday” — John Wolf
  • “It’s the Most Dreadful Time of the Year” — Paul Lewthwaite
  • “How Santa Got Schooled” — Kate Sherrod
  • “O Holey Night” — John Possidente
  • “The Yew’s Embrace” — Jen Rowe
  • “War’s End” — Adam Gottfried
  • “Carton Holiday” — Ibiteye Overcomer
  • “Christmas Spirits” — Laurie Peterson
  • “Piss Pistol” — Brandon Case
  • “Grandpa?” — Jonathan Saint

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big thank you to my volunteer readers this season: my work buddy Lisa and LW Salinas (@sithwitch), both of whom stepped in at the very last second. Otherwise, almost all the authors wanted to read their own work this year, which was fun!

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Author: Craig Kringle
Title: 2021 Weird Christmas Flash Fiction Contest (4th Annual Results Show)

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