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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Halloween episode - The Monster Squad (w/ Shawn Robare)

What’s up, dudes? Happy Halloween! Here’s a mega episode with special guest Shawn Robare from Cult Film Club podcast and Branded in the ’80s all about the 1987 masterpiece of horror comedy “The Monster Squad”! We really get into it! How does the Mummy appear in Eugene’s closet? Why does Del appear to harm Dracula when he shoots him? And can you really summon the US Army by writing a note in crayon? I hope so if monsters show up! So sit back, grab your favorite retro shutter or asymmetric sunglasses and some popcorn…wait…candy corn…for this rad Halloween show! Oh, and check out Shawn’s new documentary all about this cult film classic, “Wolfman’s Got Nards”! 

Listen to this episode of Totally Rad Christmas
Author: Gerry D
Title: Halloween episode – The Monster Squad (w/ Shawn Robare)

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