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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Episode 17 - Christmas Plant Legends and Smurfs

It’s another packed show, it’s packed in tighter than sardines wearing their thick Christmas jumpers, and it’s just as cosy.

There’s a bunch of messages from listeners and finally one of those listeners has a suggestion for a Christmas gift.  Plus we introduce you to our brand new Scandinavian correspondent Bjorn.

Robin sings Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and gets nearly all the words right…  who’d believe it.

The song this episode is the seldom heard Christmas In Smurfland by Father Abraham and the Smurfs and it’s a beautiful little tune.
Listen to it here:

Then we talk about the Smurf’s Christmas Carol and despite the fact it strays far from the original story it’s actually lots of fun.

As threatened last episode we return to the world of Christmas plants with 6 legends related to the plants that flower at Christmas.

The Yule Lad is window peeper, is he casing the joint or is he just a perv watching me getting changed.

This episode’s recommendation is Merry Britsmas.   Hosted by Adam Parker, this fantastic podcast talks about the Christmas traditions and celebrations in the UK.
Here’s a link:

Finally, this week we introduce our brand new offer.  If you record a Christmas story and email it through we’ll send you a gift that is worth (in my opinion) £1000.  This is not a joke (well, it sort of is, but a very bad one so you wouldn’t class it as a joke) so send us your stories.  You have until the 7th of December to get them to us.

If you want to get in touch you can email us at or visit the website

Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 17 – Christmas Plant Legends and Smurfs
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