Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Episode 20 - It's Christmas

It’s the last full episode before Christmas, and do we have a show for you?

Yes… the answer is yes.

We’ve had lots of emails and stories from listeners so we start the show with some of those and we have a brand new member of the team, our self-appointed CEO of Correspondents Britton Wilson.

Then our US correspondent tries a mince pie for the first time.  Will he love it, will he hate it?

We also have our first ever book review and it’s for Skipping Christmas by John Grisham,  This book was turned into the film Christmas With The Kranks and it’s not bad.

Robins Sings the all time classic White Christmas.

Then we have an interview with the man behind the fantastic website Why Christmas.  He tells all about the site and some of the bizarre things he’s learnt while making the site.
Have a look at his site here:

Then it’s the last of the Yule Lads, Candle Beggar.  Find out why he’s the most popular one of the Yule Lads in Iceland.

If you want to get in touch you can email us at or visit the website

Merry Christmas

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Episode 20 – It’s Christmas

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