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Episode 31 - Christmas Goblins

Just when you thought the podcast was improving I go and break my microphone, so girls and boys we’re back to poor quality sound.
Add that to the poor content and it’s a killer combination that everyone is talking about.

Anyway, it’s an episode so at least there’s that.

First up we have Robin Sings and the songstress has been busy in the playground at school creating a new version of Jingle Bells Batman Smells.  Should a 5 year old really be sprouting this filth?  The answer is NO!
I blame the parents.

Then we take a trip to Greece and look at the legend of the Kalikanzaroi, little goblin type creatures that create havoc during the twelve days of Christmas.

Then we have a 3rd joke from Benji Pearson our American Scandinavian correspondent.  Will this episode’s joke match the high quality of the previous two?
Not likely.

Then thanks to our listener Julie we take a look at A Diva’s Christmas Carol.  This modern take on the classic exchanges Ebeneezer for Ebony Scrooge and it stars Vanessa William.
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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 31 – Christmas Goblins
Total Christmas

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