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It’s another fun filled episode of the TCP.

We start with a very crappy version of A Christmas Carol. This was part of the ‘Tales from Dickens’ TV series and stars Basil Rathbone as an actor who’s career has fallen so far that he’s reduced to wearing a traffic cone on his head to play Ebenezer Scrooge.
I don’t recommend watching it, but if you really must, here’s a link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LdUtugLbK4&t=3s

We have another Joke from Benji Pearson.

Then it’s the return of Santa Claus is NOT Coming to Town.  I had to scour the internet for stories and managed to find a half decent one.  When will parents learn that when it comes to Santa, you can lie your way out of anything.

Next up we look at a lovely cover version of the Bowie and Crosby classic Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth.  This one was recorded for Children in Need and sees two stalwarts of British broadcasting, Aled Jones and Terry Wogan.
If you want to have a look and a listen here’s a link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AWdrUUMsYU

Whilst researching the little drummer boy I found out about The Little Drummer Boy challenge, and also Whamageddon.  Both are games where you try to avoid hearing the song during the festive season.

This episodes recommendation is Ooh Spooky, one of the funniest podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.
Definitely check this one out, they don’t have a website, so here’s the facebook page:

If you want to get in touch, email totalchristmas@gmail.com

The website is totalchristmaspodcast.com

Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 34 – Little Drummer Boy
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