Total Christmas

Woo hoo!  Here we are for another wonderful episode.

We have the harrowing tale of how Lee Maher, the shows number 1 fan, found out the truth about Santa, plus also how his brother found out.

Then we have an interview with Robert Nicholas from Behind The Bells Podast who lists his 10 favourite films of all time, and then I judge the list.
If you’re not listening to Behind The Bells check it out:

Then we have the first of our brand new segments, Obscure Traditions with Frank the Tank.
Our new correspondent, Frank the Tank, sends me ideas for topics to discus.  This episode we’re talking about the first ever TV Yule Log.

Then it’s our second new segment, Yule Logs.  In an attempt to revive everyone’s favourite jingle I have my weakest segment yet where I review one of the dozens of TV Yule Logs. This episode I review the first ever one from WPIX-TV.
If you’re fed up of watching paint dry then check it out:

This week’s recommendation is to make sure you’ve planned out your whole podcast before recording it.

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 35 – The First TV Yule Log
Total Christmas

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