Hooray, it’s another “great” episode of the TCP.

This show is loaded up to the eyeballs with the usual drivel.
Fist up  we have a brand new segment where Rich Chambers, singer and songwriter, shares one of his Christmas memories and then we play a clip from one of the songs from his Christmas album, Santa’s Rockin Band.
To check out the full album, here’s a link:

Then we have the return of Robin Sings.  This episode she sings another request from Eddie Honan’s mum Nancy.  She asked to hear Dominic The Donkey.

Then it’s our Top Ten Christmas Movies lists and this week the lists are provided by the show’s No. 1 Fan Lee Maher and Crick Jimney.

Next up it’s 3 crappy yule logs.  This episode they’re from Lego.  If you really want to watch them, here’s some links:

This episode’s version of A Christmas Carol is crap.  It’s by Sugar Tales and I really wouldn’t waste your time if I were you:

Then we have the return of my favourite segment, Christmas Stories of Shame.  We share the sad affair of the year Adam Parker received a bunch of gifts he’d received the year before.
Adam hosts the Merry Bristmas Podcast and it’s great, check it out:

This episodes recommendation is Santa & Ruudy, a great online comic strip featuring the big man himself and his ruby nosed reindeer.  It’s written and drawn by Geoff Malcomson and is definitely worth following.

Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

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Author: Jack

Episode 39 – Santa’s Rockin Band

Total Christmas

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