Hooray for another episode of The Total Christmas Podcast.

First up we look at The Eye of Sauron Yule Log from The Lord of the Rings.  A 2 second loop of a flaming eye playing for 5 hours.  It’s riveting stuff.
You can watch it here:

This episode we have 4, count’em 4, Top Ten Christmas Movies Lists.  Where will they land on our chart?
You’ll have to listen to find out.

Then we look at the Gavle Goat.  It’s a Swedish tradition where the people of Gavle build a massive straw goat only for some cheeky sod to try and burn it down.

We have a great story of how Stacey McKinsey’s youngest child found out the truth about santa.

Then we have an interview with friend of the show Eddie Honan who has had the honor of playing Fezziwig for the last 5 years at the Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville, New Jersey.  If you live nearby you should get yourself along and tell them Jack sent you.
Here’s a link:

This episode Rich Chambers shares the story of how he learned to love A Christmas Carol whilst being terrified of Jacob Marley.  Then we play his song Peace and Harmony.
You can hear the whole song here:

You know we love ya.

Merry Christmas.

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Author: Jack

Episode 41 – Fezziwig’s Christmas Party

Total Christmas

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