In this new episode we dive into the connection between carols and Christmas itself! We go into the history of the word itself, where the traditions started, how the carol has evolved, and how carols might very well have saved Christmas as a day of celebration! We also kick off a new story from the Lost Years of Santa Claus, this time going into the history of how Santa Claus got what we know as his sleigh! Another book, movie and TV episode or special is also in this episode, to get you completely in the holiday spirit! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, as well as message us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at Thanks so much!

Special thanks to:
The Christmas Song/Heaven/Slow 3/4 Song by Peter Evans, Tom Blancarte, and Brandon Seabrook – CC by 3.0
Santa Claw11010s is Coming by Ergo Phizmiz – CC by 3.0
holiday by Dee Yan-Key – CC by 3.0

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Author: The Chronicler
Title: The History of Carols and Christmas

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