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In this episode we start with another story and song from Rich Chambers.  The song this week is called Hold On Santa and you can hear the whole thing here:

Then we have an interview with Ed Daly about his fantastic new book, The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Holiday.
Here’s a link:
He’s also on the Baller Lifestyle Podcast, check it out here:

Next up it’s our Top Ten Christmas Movie’s lists and this week they’re from Stacey McKinsey, Jennifer Kay (and the TCP Mascot Elmer) and Eddie Honan.  Where will they feature on our chart?  Have a listen and you’ll find out, cause I’m not telling.

Then we have a fantastic Santa Claus Is NOT Coming To Town from Dan Carlson of Burly Boards, who is now our self-appointed Workshop Elf.
Dan makes incredible cutting boards, trays and coasters.  Check out his facebook page:

Then it’s more Aussie Christmas Songs.  We look at a selection of 7 different festive tunes from the land downunder.

This episode’s Yule Log isn’t the worst ever.  It’s Shrek’s Yule Log and it features 24 of the characters from the films.
Here’s a link:

Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 42 – More Aussie Christmas Songs
Total Christmas

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