Did you miss me?
Cause I missed you.

It’s the first episode of the new year and it’s the usual stuff.

First up we have this episode’s version of A Christmas Carol.  It’s called We Wish You A Mandy Christmas and it is an episode of the BBC TV series Mandy starring Diane Morgan.
I really enjoyed and maybe you will too, here’s a link:

Then we have another Yule  Log.  This one was the ‘Pool Log and it was part of the marketing for the first Deadpool movie.
Check it out:

We have a book review of one of the books my wife bought me for Christmas.  It’s Christmas Jokes for Grumpy Blokes, and I even treat you to one of the jokes from the book.
Here’s a link:

Have you ever heard of the Räuchermann?  Well thanks to Eleri Haney you will after listening to this.  They’re little smoking ornaments made in Germany.
Want to see on in action?  Have a look:

This week’s recommendation is the TV series Mandy which I mentioned earlier.   It’s very funny and the episodes are only 15 minutes long.
You can watch the whole series on the BBC website, and most of the episodes appear to be on YouTube.

Merry Christmas

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Title: Episode 48 – We Wish You A Mandy Christmas
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