Ho-ho-ho, Christmas Cousins!
Hop in your Delorean because we’ve got a special treat that’s bound to take you on a journey back in time…to the raddest decade ever, the 1980s!We’re joined by Gerry, the mastermind behind the ‘Totally Rad Christmas Podcast.’

Get ready to step into a time machine as we delve into the wonderfully nostalgic world of ’80s Christmases.

From iconic movies to timeless music, this episode is a blast from the past that’ll have you reminiscing about those tubular holiday memories.

So, grab your leg warmers and slap bracelets, and let’s embark on this totally rad Yuletide adventure!” 🎄📼✨

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

A 1980’s Style Totally Rad Christmas Episode!

Christmas Cousins

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