A Flintstone Christmas

We close out another countdown to Christmas in July with a sleigh ride back to the Stone-Age Year of Our Lord 1977 to watch Santa fall off the roof and a guy who acts like a caveman take over his job.

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🎙 On This Episode:

• Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), loudly demanding an audience with Santa Claus.

• Gerry Davila (@RadChristmas), who has season’s greetings in his soul and yummy Fruity Pebbles in his bowl, from Totally Rad Christmas.

• Sean Sotka (@xander0527), who tied whiskers tied onto his hat, or at least that’s what it looks like on the cover of the Christmas Podcasts Podcast.


đź’¬ Topics & Tangents:

• Our episode on the Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial.

• I found a Flintstones chronology on, of all places, Flickr.

• The Internet Archive’s VHS Vault.

• Domino Rally.

• I want to know more about Santa’s reindeer turn signals.

• Daze Before Christmas for Super Nintendo and Mega Drive (Genesis).

• Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Claus) was the uncredited voice of Norman Bates’s mother in the first 3 Psycho movies.

• Santa’s workshop should have gotten Flintstone Theming.


đź“Ľ Retro Commercial Break:

• Fruity Pebbles: Rapping Barney (1988)

• Voice Command Crusher RC Car (1993)


🎤 And Now, These Messages:

• Behind the Bells.

“A Flintstone Christmas” © 1977 Hanna-Barbera Productions.

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Title: A Flintstone Christmas

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