Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Friends of Christmas Podcasts
A Home Improvement Halloween BONUS

In this special bonus episode for Halloween, TGI Podcast dives into Tim Allen and Home Improvement. ‘The Haunting of Taylor House’ offers up nonstop action, plenty of jokes and a severed head! If you love 90s sitcoms and Halloween then this episode is for you. Settle in to find out if it gets a “You got it dude!” or a “No way, Jose!” in the rankings!

In addition to discussing the Home Improvement episode, TGI Podcast also discusses a special project that combines punk rock music and A Christmas Story from Mike of the ‘Snow in Southtown’ podcast. Mike’s music project is called Ralphie’s Red Ryders and they have an album coming out based all around A Christmas Story called “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” The CD will release on November 1 via Outloud Records and it will have a digital/streaming release on Black Friday.

The CD will be available at:

And the digital version will be available at:

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Author: Matt Eurich
Title: A Home Improvement Halloween BONUS
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