What’s up, dudes?  Mike Westfall from Advent Calendar House and I take a trip to Emily Bear’s house to visit the Muppets! That’s right! We’re talking the 1987 special “A Muppet Family Christmas”! We get into obscure cameos, Sam Eagle’s one-liners, and more!

Kermit and the gang travel to Fozzie’s mom’s house to surprise her for Christmas. Little do they know that Emily Bear has planned a vacation and has rented her house to Doc and Sprocket as an air BnB. The sheer volume has Doc building bunk beds to accommodate the crowds. Fozzie builds the perfect comedic partner snowman, and the Swedish Chef invites a turkey to stay with them in the hopes of cooking him for dinner. After watching a Muppet Babies home video, Gonzo almost gets into a fight with the lecherous turkey. The Sesame Street crew wassails into the farmhouse, and Kermit and Robin pass it on with the Fraggles. When Piggy is caught in a snowstorm, Doc rides to her rescue! Then the annual carol sing ensues!

A “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” play? Check. An Electric Mayhem performance? Got it. A two-headed monster Santa? Yes, but only if the other monsters pull the sleigh! So grab some shredded wheat and cranberry sauce and sing along to this episode all about “A Muppet Family Christmas!”

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Westfall
Title: Monday Memory: A Muppet Family Christmas (w/ Mike Westfall(

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