Break out the Cristal and cue the festive fanfare because it’s a monumental celebration on the Christmas Cousins Podcast!

Join the jubilant chaos as we throw a “Sethtrospective”, marking Cousin Seth’s 101st birthday spectacular.

In this rollicking episode, expect the unexpected as we unveil a very special (and somewhat disconcerting) mystery guest, share highlights from Seth’s legendary moments, and revisit some of the most unforgettable bits from the past…even famed YouTube star the Christmas Aficianado stops by)!

Cousin Seth, our beloved festive freshman, may have just turned 101 (or maybe it’s just another one of his ageless mysteries), but the party is just getting started.

We’ll dive into Seth’s regalness, explore his baffling wealth of Christmas knowledge, and bask in the glow of his undeniable fame and popularity with fans worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned Seth enthusiast or a first-time listener, this birthday bash is a can’t-miss extravaganza filled with joy, jollity, and the unique charm that defines the Christmas Cousins.

Prepare for a wild ride through the festive annals of Seth’s podcasting history, sprinkled with heartwarming birthday shoutouts, greetings, and, of course, the mischievous banter that makes the Christmas Cousins Podcast a fan favorite.

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A “Sethtrospective”: Cousin Seth’s 101st Birthday Spectacular!!!

Christmas Cousins

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