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It’s 1986, and we’re hiding out in a cabin in the mountains with modern-day Snow White and real-life Christmas angel Dolly Parton. Join us as we try to wrap our heads around this Henry Winkler-directed TV movie that gets really weird really quickly.

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🎙 Guest:

• April Ryley (@Where2NextApril, @motherchristmascosplay).


💬 Topics & Tangents:

Dolly Parton Meets the Kids.

• Muppet doppelgänger Polly Darton.

Dolly Parton saved a girl’s life on the set of Christmas on the Square.

• Gennie James (Cindy) in The Hugga Bunch Movie.

• Claude Earl Jones (Bartender) in the Seinfeld episode, The Race.

• Lee Majors (Mountain Dan) and Jean Speegle Howard (Old Woman Jezebel) in The Night the Reindeer Died, the movie-within-a-movie from Scrooged.

How South Jersey Keeps Muskrat on the Menu (Gastro Obscura).


📼 Retro Commercial Break:

• 1988 Dollywood Commercial.


🎤 And Now, These Messages:

Christmas Clatter,

Santa by the Minute.

A Smoky Mountain Christmas © 1986 Sandollar Productions.

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Title: A Smoky Mountain Christmas

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