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Happy Thursday, Christmas fanatics! Welcome to the twenty-ninth official installment of “Another Christmas Story“!

In this week’s official episode, Robert Nickerson of “Behind the Bells” will read to all of you Chapter Twenty-Eight of our tale, entitled “The First Noel”. Within this chapter, we switch points-of-view between Aaron Rankin and his classmates rehearsing for their big show at Radio City Music Hall, and Megan, Jake, and Amy, who are hopeful that the stranger named Gabe can get them through Elsa’s storm and to the Music Hall in time for Aaron’s performance. We hope you like it! If you do, make sure to share this episode and our website, upon which the text of this installment is posted, to get it in front of as many ears and eyes as possible!

Coming up on the show this upcoming Monday, August 16th, we will be dropping our episode in which we discuss the 2006 film, “Last Holiday”! And on Tuesday, August 17th, the elves will be joined by not one, not two, but three special guests to discuss the (2) Christmas episodes of “Batman: The Animated Series“, the (1) Christmas episode of “The New Adventures of Batman“, and the (1) Christmas episode of “Justice League“! Joining them to geek out over the Caped Crusader are Gerry Davila of “Totally Rad Christmas”, Mike Westfall of “Advent Calendar House Podcast“, and Matt Spaulding of GreenMountainSanta.com and cohost of two podcasts, “Two Broke Geeks” and “The F.B.I.’s Most Wanted“! If you want to follow along and watch at home, the episodes they will be talking about are:

  • Batman: The Animated Series” – Season 1, Episode 2: “Christmas with the Joker”
  • Batman: The Animated Series” – Season 2, Episode 2: “A Bullet for Bullock”
  • The New Batman Adventures” – Season 1, Episode 1: “Holiday Knights”
  • Justice League” – Season 2, Episode 23: “Comfort and Joy”

Needless to say, it’s sure to be an extremely fun, if crowded, episode full of holiday cheer and gushing over the Dark Knight. Before that drops in your feeds on Monday, August 23rd, however, on Thursday, August 19th, you’ll get to hear Chapter 29 of “Another Christmas Story” entitled “Run Rudolph Run”, which Manny Torres of “Feliz Christmas Merry Navidad” will be reading to you!

Enjoy, y’all! 🎅🏻🎄🎁 🦌🦉⛄️🔔 🤶🏻 🎀 ❄️

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“Another Christmas Story” – Chapter 28 – The First Noel – As Read By Robert Nickerson Of “Behind the Bells”

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