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"Another Christmas Story" - Chapter Nine - A New York Christmas - As Read By Ron Hogan Of "Film Strip Podcast"

Happy Thursday, Christmas fanatics! Welcome to the tenth official installment of “Another Christmas Story“!

This week, Ron Hogan – a.k.a. President Hotdog – of the always hilarious “Film Strip Podcast”, will read to all of you Chapter Nine of our tale, entitled “A New York Christmas”. Within this chapter, we switch back to Joey’s point of view as he arrives in New York City to spend the holiday. It’s honestly the perfect episode to drop on April Fool’s Day, just for the mere fact that Ron does one of the most offensively hilarious New York accents I’ve ever heard.

We hope you like it! If you do, make sure to share this episode and our website, upon which the text of this installment is posted, to get it in front of as many eyes as possible! Make sure to check your podcast feeds for your regular weekly episode on Monday, in which the elves will cover the two Christmas episodes of “ALF”, and next Thursday for the eleventh official chapter of this story – “Chapter Ten: Carol of the Bells”, which the writer of the story – Anthony Caruso, himself – will be reading to you!

Enjoy, y’all!

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“Another Christmas Story” – Chapter Nine – A New York Christmas – As Read By Ron Hogan Of “Film Strip Podcast”

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