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The Best of Christmas Podcasts

This year marks the 3rd Annual Best of Christmas Podcasts – a yearly listener/fan/podcaster and Christmas fanatic acknowledge of Christmas podcasts. Offered in association the with Christmas community anchored by MyMerryChristmas.com, this effort aims to clear through the clutter of hundreds of podcasts to identify the best of the very best. Nominations for this year’s […]


November 1st – Halloween Special

Today is November 1st, Christmas Podcast Day! Happy Christmas Podcast Day folks! Today’s special is about The Nightmare Before Christmas; a Halloween special which links Christmas too. I read the famous Tim Burton poem, A Nightmare Before Christmas, which was later made into a Children’s storybook, with illustrations! Hope you enjoy it! Check out the […]


When is a good time to take your Christmas Decorations? – Season 2, Episode 2

On today’s episode I look at an (recently established) age old traditional question; When is a good time to take your Christmas decorations? I delve a little into the history of Christmas decorations and discuss my own personal time to take them down. So when is yours? Leave your answer in the comments below and […]


Introducing: Christmas Morning (Podcast Preview Episode)

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest Bramble Jam Podcast – Christmas Morning. This podcast is a daily morning show…all about Christmas! We launch on November 29th and episodes will drop daily, Monday-Friday, through Christmas Day. Subscribe to Christmas Morning here: www.christmasmorningpodcast.com Vote on today’s daily Christmas Music Battle: https://pollforall.com/lyx9obb Listen to this episode of Christmas […]