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Bonus Ep.10 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

In their final bonus episode, the boys celebrate two seasons at once as they watch and review The Nightmare Before Christmas (available on Disney+). As they work to determine whether or not this is a Christmas Classic (Halloween Highlight?) they also discuss: creepypasta YouTube videos, Brian’s bad bits, Jon’s emo days, other stop motion feature films, Tim Burton’s Batman films, the feud between Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey, Greg Proops, and trying to figure who exactly this movie is for.

Season 2 of the podcast kicks off with a full lineup reveal on Nov. 2. Don’t miss it!

Wikipedia entry for this film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nightmare_Before_Christmas

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Author: Chris, Brian and Jon
Title: Bonus Ep.10 – The Nightmare Before Christmas
Yuletide TV Podcast

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