In this breaking news episode, the Christmas Cousins dive deep into the aftermath of Cousin Seth’s highly anticipated big date.


With the whole world on edge, eager to learn whether sparks flew or fizzled out, the cousins dissect every detail of the monumental evening.


Did the date exceed expectations, or did it fall flat? Is romance in the air, or are we left with unanswered questions?


Tune in as we unravel the mystery and share all the juicy details that have our audience buzzing with excitement! Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs, and maybe even a little bit of romance in this must-listen episode!


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Audience Question:
“Based on your own first date experiences, what advice would you give Cousin Seth for his next romantic rendezvous?”

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Breaking News: Cousin Seth’s First Date Buzz Sweeps the Globe! Epic or Epic Fail?

Christmas Cousins

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