Welcome back Christmas Cousins to an adventurous episode of the Christmas Cousins Podcast!


In this installment, we’re diving into the world of unique and eccentric beers with our special guests, Joe – the Christmas Aficionado, and Bob from the Festive Foreign Film Fans podcast. Get ready for a wild ride as we bring forth the weirdest, the strangest, and the oddest beers we could track down!


Will cousin Seth, known for his memorable reactions, have a revolting response akin to his eggnog experience? Can Joe, the Christmas connoisseur, find delight in a Three Floyds brew? And will Bob enjoy his beer while floating in a hot tub down Michigan lake? These are the burning questions that demand answers, and we’re here to uncover the truth!


But fear not, fellow Christmas enthusiasts, we haven’t forgotten our festive roots. Stay tuned for more Christmas-related content as we navigate through spring, longer days, and warmer weather with a touch of the bizarre.

Audience Question:
What’s the weirdest or most unusual beer you’ve ever tried, and what was your reaction?

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Cheers to the Weird: The Christmas Cousins’ Wild Beer Adventures with fan favorites, Joe and Bob!

Christmas Cousins

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